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Do Not Resist the One Who Is Evil, But… warfare the way God designed


For too long the church in America has walked under the intoxication of militarism. We’ve been duped into believing that it is our responsibility to protect our lives on this earth, whether by providing churches with armed security guards or by preaching a gospel compatible with materialism and the building of wealth.

But this is not the way of Christ. Not as laid out in Scripture, at least.

How the Anabaptist Church Is Changing where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed

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We Cannot Advance God’s Kingdom by Pounding Plowshares into Swords the way of America, or the way of Christ?


With the uprise of gun violence in churches, should we consider securing ourselves with armed security guards? With the threat of North Korea and a nuclear strike, should America preemptively strike them first? America’s militarism is justified, right? I mean, God ordains violence when used by good government, not?

Well, allow me to turn your world upside down. I think we’ve had this wrong all along.

Communication, Sex and Finances—Surprise, Surprise! 5 things nobody told me about marriage before I said “I do”

Marriage has been incredible, really. I could not be any more blessed than I am with such a beautiful, godly wife. But there have been a few surprises in marriage, the kind I wish someone had told me about before we said, “I do.”

So, in the spirit of love and concern for all those who have yet to stand hand-in-hand at the altar of matrimony, let me share the five most jaw-dropping surprises I’ve faced in the first five years of marriage.

Grieving Behind the Curtain 4 verses that have carried me through the last five years


Today marks five years since Mom was killed in a car accident. I think the most difficult thing about losing someone you love is that while the world goes on, while everyone else’s life continues as they’ve always known it, yours remains shattered. Loss shatters the world. Especially, the loss of life. And a family who has lost a Mom is just as wounded five years later as they were the day she died.

Now, I know not everyone’s life continues on as normal. Others, if not most, experience their own wounding as well. And that’s just it: we get caught up in our own wounds and forget those next to us.

So, as I sit here today, remembering the day Mom cared about my heart, and as I take my family to visit her grave, my boys wondering if there will be toys at Grandma’s grave, I think of all those I have met in the last five years who have also lost loved-ones. I think of those who grew up without a Mom. At least without a Mom who cared for them. And I’d like to share some of my favorite Scripture verses in my journey of grief.

When You Need to Define Your Relationship being stuck in the awkward dating stage of “just talking.”


What if you find yourself in a relationship where you both connect, it seems as though you both like each other, but you’re not sure. How do you know if the other wants more? And if you’re the girl, how do you go about finding that out? Should you have a “define the relationship” talk?

In this post I share a few pieces of advice, from my experience, that I believe can be incredibly helpful to those caught in this kind of situation.

A Hypothesis of Anabaptist Depreciation why are the passionate one's leaving the Anabaptist church?

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In the last year alone, visitors to the blog read more than 150,000 articles. People are responding to what I’ve been writing, saying I put into words what they’re feeling. That this blog is a place where someone isn’t afraid to talk about the deep, unspoken questions they wrestle with.

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My Boyfriend Struggles with Porn, What Should I Do? navigating your way through a sexually turbulent relationship


What if you’re dating right now and your guy is looking at porn? What should you do?

I’ve been one of those addicted to pornography. I am also one who is free, today. Telling my wife-to-be the story of failure was the most difficult thing I’ve done. Yet, it was also really healing.

So, in an effort to help couples navigate their own relational turbulence, especially when it involves sexual sin, here are a few things I suggest you do if your man, the guy you deeply care about, is hooked on porn.

When You’ve Messed Up Your Life with Porn finding hope in the middle of deep shame


I was thirteen when I first looked up pornography. There was a three-day period when I didn’t care whether it was right or wrong—I fully indulged. Calculating times when I knew people wouldn’t be around, planning my strategy for searching, worshiping, and retreating.

But then I got caught. And once I knew I couldn’t get away with it, when I realized how violating my “acts of worship” were, I felt engulfed by shame.