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Racism in Church (how to tell if it exists) 7 symptoms of racial discrimination in Christianity today


Are you aware of the racism in your church?

“Now wait a minute,” you may say. “There’s no racism in our church.” And there very well may not be.

But then again, there might be and you don’t realize it.

No, You Don’t Have License to Drink Alcohol millennial to millennials about a millennial craze


We stumble over ourselves in finding ways to do some ridiculous things. Drinking alcohol is one of them. It’s the latest craze, in my generation. And so, as a millennial who is tired of silly things in the church, can I throw a wrench into your excited scramble to have a beer?

Why I Quit Using Internet Filters dealing with pornography through healthy accountability


I quit using Internet filters because it wasn’t working. Furthermore, I found something that works better. Plus, it doesn’t slow down my computer or prevent me from viewing websites that are perfectly allowable.

I found healthy accountability.

Racism Is Not a Social Issue racial tensions from my black brother’s point of view


Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who is black and lives in the south. He told me racism is not a social issue. What drives racism, no matter what color of skin one has, isn’t the way the judicial system is set up. It isn’t even whether are not we have statues. In this post we’ll explore what he means by that.

An Introduction to “Live Free” conquering lust and discovering the power of male sexuality


In this post is the official introduction to a book I’ve been working on for the last two years: Live Free – conquering lust and discovering the power of male sexuality.

Weekend Roundup (August 18) top articles from around the web, kindle deals, and behind the scenes update

This weekend’s roundup includes Kindle Deals on men who love fierce women, God’s crime scene, and several classic collections, as well as plenty of talk on Charlottesville.