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rediscovering Jesus

a different kind of strong

Grace is not a word typically used when exhorting someone to be strong.  In fact, often when we’re talking about a “gracious” person, we tend to picture someone kind of weak, right? As Christians we know better, so we may deny that we do. But just a short conversation with a group of people on […]

When Joy Is Touched with Pain sorting through losing my Mom four days before my wedding

I don’t understand why God took Mom four days before my wedding. Now that our son, Kenaz, is born—she misses that as well. I don’t understand His purposes. But I do know that I can’t place my security in anything or anyone on this world. I can pursue people. I can seek to deeply connect with my family. I can pour my heart into ministering to those God leads across my path, but I can’t place my security in them. That belongs to God. He created me. He designed me. He’s where I’ll find full security and approval. And moments of pain are moments to worship Him. Those moments are reminders to not allow the joys of this earth to dictate us, for they are incredibly shallow in comparison to the joy of relationship with Christ. And one day we’ll see Jesus. He’s the glorious Person of Heaven. He’s what we live for. He’s who we die for. Heaven isn’t about living in eternal luxury; it’s all about living in eternal fellowship with Christ.

If pain keeps my eyes fixed on Him, and if joys of this earth can sometimes distract my eyes from Him, then I really can be thankful when my joy is touched with pain.

A Volcano to My Faith

I have wrestled intensely with questions during the last year. Simple questions, that avoid being answered. I assume if you have ever experienced something that shook your faith at its core, you also struggled with these questions: “Why?” “Where was/is God?” “Is there any meaning to this?” Losing Mom is to my faith like a […]

Trust in a God Who Takes Away What I Love

Today is my Dad’s birthday; his first without Mom. One of the things I’ve watched him do a lot this year is first-things without Mom.

Something New

This is where it all begins.