Asher Witmer

rediscovering Jesus

Finding God In The Change of It All

I’m not sure closing the chapters of life ever becomes easy. Sure, I look forward to closing some of them, but when they’re actually completed, I realize it was a place of familiarity and safety. In the last six years, I closed several chapters of my life. My family made a big move away from […]

Authenticity Internalized

As I look at most Christians, I see three ways we typically live our lives. I admit, I’m generalizing, but, for the most part, it’s safe to say that every believer lives one of these three ways: Being pious Being reactionary Being authentic In my post, AUTHENTIC, I draw portraits of these three kinds of […]


My brother, Christopher, celebrated his high school graduation this past Saturday. During the ceremony, I shared this story: There once were three men. They lived full lives. They were each born at similar times, and they died within a year of each other. All three were believers–went to the same church, in fact. All three […]