Asher Witmer

rediscovering Jesus

Why Does He Experience God More Than Me?

Sometimes it seems as though faith in God comes easier for some then it does for others. It puzzles me. One person readily accepts the mystery of faith and embraces the truth of God’s Word, another spends years wrestling with questions and can’t sense the presence of God. Friends, very close friends to me, struggle […]

Asking Wrong Quesitons

Some ask, “Are you willing to let God work in un-traditional ways?” But what if God chooses a traditional way to work? Are we opposed to that? Maybe we ask the wrong questions.

If You Have A Weakness, You Have A Strength

We all know our weaknesses well. Most of us probably struggle with feeling like we don’t have any strengths. This next week we’ll be starting our two-week Evening Bible Camps here in Los Angeles. Around thirty out-of-town staff generously come and bless us by helping with these camps. Before they come, we ask for two […]

What Every Great Leader Understands

I’ve been privileged to sit under a few great leaders in my lifetime. As I grow older, I long to emulate them in my leadership. One of the greatest leaders I’ve worked with is my father. All fathers are leaders, but mine has played the role of leader in several different arenas. As an employer, […]

Feeling Unfulfilled? You Can Still Make A Difference Through Your Work

It’s likely that everyone at some point in life struggles to feel fulfilled in what they’re doing. In those times, we wonder if we’re doing anything of value. Can we make a difference for Christ doing something that’s not fulfilling us? I recently ended with the book company I’ve worked for the last five years. […]