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rediscovering Jesus

Passion for God

Ambition never wants to truly suffer. It rarely lays itself down on the altar of brokenness. Through accomplishments, it feels successful. By exerting great energy it finds value. Passion understands that sometimes life is sucked out. That to truly be successful is to joyfully walk through trials. . . . . . and it knows […]

Do You Have Passion For Christ?

Passion gets confusing, sometimes. To live “all out” is not necessarily passion. To have a great desire to see miracles is not passion. To want to DO lots for Christ is not passion. To take risk is not passion. To spend much time talking about what it means to live sold out for God is […]

3 Reasons Your Church Won’t Be Any Different Twenty Years from Now

Many people long for more “life” in their church. It’s not necessarily a new desire. I think God puts a desire within each of us for His most, even if we don’t realize what we’re wanting. It may be a longing to see more miracles. Fewer rules and more of following the Spirit. Less talk and more walk. More unchurched […]

What Are You Worshiping?

It’s a hard battle that goes on inside of me as I ask Christ to take back ground that I gave to the enemy. Yet, something within me believes that I must do it with each closet of my heart so that I am fully ALIVE for Christ. I think it’s a matter of worship, […]

We Have Arrived!

We landed in Thailand Sunday evening (Thailand time) and were warmly welcomed by family and friends. Here are a few pictures of our trip over. Now we’re ready to start setting up home! This week we’ll be looking for housing, so you can pray about that as you think about it. Again, for those of you […]

We’re Thailand Bound!

Today, we fly to Thailand!! It’s hard to believe it’s already here! Pray for us, as you think about it. Lord willing we’ll arrive Sunday evening Thailand time. A lot of mixed emotions. Excited. Sad. Joyful. Fearful. Anxious. Relieved. . . .longing for Heaven We really are thrilled to be taking this next step in the […]

Go Ahead, Live Out of Reaction

Reaction always has a legitimate reason. But that doesn’t mean the emotional response from reaction is healthy. I was told once that the music I listened to was “of the devil.” When, actually, that particular CD kept me coming back to Jesus through a difficult period in life. It hurt. The place I experienced Christ the […]

Yolo, Shit and Snap–why they don’t gain you influence

Engaging unchurched people is often difficult to do. We churched people use different lingo and different jokes. It’s hard to know how to build the bridge from here to there so “they” can become one of “us”: churched.

Or more importantly, a follower of Christ.

Personally, relating to unchurched people isn’t that abnormal for me. Not that it’s any easier, it’s just that I’ve grown up doing it. I homeschooled all twelve grades, but when I was nine years old I started playing Little League baseball. I played four years of Little League and then got invited by our local public school to play for the Junior High team. After two years of Junior High, I moved up to the High School team. There I played two years on the varsity team—starting center fielder.

15 Takeaways from A Tale of Three Kings

“What does this world need: gifted men and women, outwardly empowered? Or individuals who are broken, inwardly transformed?” I just finished reading Gene Edwards book A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness . I first read this book four years ago and was so profoundly convicted by its poignant truths, I decided to […]

5 Highlights of Evening Bible Camp 2014

I believe Christ is most vividly seen through the church when His body works together as a team to meet a need in a local community. It’s a beautiful sight! And that’s what happened here in Los Angeles over the last two weeks. Out here, we find that kid’s ministry is not just to kids, […]