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How to Lead Others In Worship (Music & Worship-Part 5)

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Authors Note: Due to technical difficulties and the first week of teaching school, the last post of this series got delayed. I apologize for any confusion. “A good worship leader is one who leads strongly enough so that people follow but not so strongly that they themselves become the focus.” –Matt Redman In this series we’ve been […]

What They Don’t Tell You About Music, But Matters More Than Style (Music & Worship-Part 4)

King David spoke of praising God with harp and lyre. In Daniel 3, however, those worshiping the image King Nebuchadnezzar set up used harp and lyre. How do we know what is right and wrong music when the music used in Scripture was used both by those that worshiped God and those that worshiped pagan […]

Why Our Points Are Pointless (Music & Worship-part 3)

There are two sides to every debate. Both sides usually have legitimate points. The same is true for music. However, there are some commonly mentioned arguments against contemporary music that, frankly, aren’t credible. In my church growing up we sang mostly A Capella Hymns. I heard many reasons why contemporary music is wrong and why […]

Why You Can’t Talk About Music and NOT Talk About Worship (Music & Worship-part 2)

It is disheartening when we’re discussing worship that the conversation quickly goes to the head, alone. Yet, that happens almost every time we talk about music. The focus becomes whether there’s a switch in pronouns mid-verse or whether the song is written in third person or first person. That’s divorcing music from worship and when […]

We Argue, But Aren’t Getting Anywhere (Music & Worship-part 1)

Satan does anything to shut down the church of Jesus Christ. His goal is to stop people from worshipping God. What better way to do that then create chaos in the Church over styles of music and corporate worship?

The problem is, we can’t talk about it. Many churches have split over this issue. We’ve alienated each other so much that most music discussions are nothing more than worthless arguments—unless it’s a group of people who think the same.

We’re losing each other. Worst of all, the more we are polarized, the harder it seems we “fight” to prove our points. Further polarizing each other. And we don’t care. We plow ahead and try to control our “opposer.”

We’re, also, forgetting what it means to worship. Many Christians across America have lost zeal and love for Christ because we’ve become so emotionally entangled with something that has nothing to do with worship. We forget that.

What Insecurities Make Us Do

Insecurities are tricky things. They require others to give us something. Ever had someone “bless you” only to feel as if they were expecting some sort of affirmation in return? The reality is that living out of insecurity is a powerless life. You give power away to everyone else because you’ve agreed with a lie […]

Ugly Ministry

Authors Note: some of you may have read this post on my old blog a couple of years ago. It was the most popular post on that blog and thought it applied here, as well. I hope it challenges and encourages you to serve others, even if it’s not how you planned to “serve God.” I had […]