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Why You Should Quit Waiting For Permission and Begin Pursuing Your Passion Today

dont wait

Part of the reason we struggle to understand God’s will for our lives is because we embrace a belief that someone needs to give us permission to pursue the passion we feel gifted for. We feel guilty moving in the direction of what “excites” us. So we wait. Like students waiting for permission to speak, […]

4 Changes Coming to My Blog (and why I write to begin with)

changes coming

It’s nearly a year since I started this blog. I intended to only keep it for a year so that I’d write with greater focus. I, also, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to sustain keeping a blog with a young and growing family. At the end of that year I planned to re-evaluate whether […]

Are You More Concerned with Being Discovered or Being Developed?


Some of us cannot enjoy the blessing and favor of God on our lives because we’re too busy looking at the blessing of God on somebody else’s life. That’s why it sometimes feels that everyone else is living the life we wish we could live. Have you ever met someone who is more successful than you […]

What To Do When You Don’t Know God’s Will For Your Life

the journey of life

Why is it so confusing to know what we’re supposed to do in life? Ever felt that way? It seems that ever since graduating from High School I’ve been trying to figure out what God wants me to do in life. That was five years ago. Foreign missions, local ministry, starting a business, teaching, writing—I’ve had […]

2 Things You Don’t Know about Missionary Kids


Perhaps you get uneasy when anyone starts talking about missions and supporting missionaries. People place guilt on you for not giving more funds or they condemn you for not being on the field yourself. I apologize if that’s been your experience. Three things everyone must know about missions are: Missionaries are normal people Being on […]