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Our Calling Is Born from Our Story a simple exercise for discovering what God has called you to

calling is born from story

The story that’s being written in our lives, is the platform God will likely use for us to share Him with others.

That’s why people who struggle with their marriage, yet work through issues and find deeper intimacy, often go into counseling ministry. Or those who were sexually abused and found healing and freedom in Christ start ministries for abused and hurting people.

You see, our story is where God becomes relevant to our lives. Our story is made of the events that happen in our life which are out of our control. We didn’t plan them, but they happened anyway. It’s those things we often wish weren’t a part of our lives. The experiences that feel too vulnerable to share. God is using them to write a message of His glory for others to hear.

How to Tell When You’re Manipulating the Voice of God (and what to do about it)

manipulating the voice of God

When it comes to big decisions and knowing God’s will in them, it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between His voice and the voice of fear or selfish ambition. Inside my Bible cover, I have a list of questions written out that I try to ask myself as I have my personal time with God. One […]

Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Your Life Figured Out

you don't have to figure out life

I often get aspirations of one-day having my life all figured out. But truth is, I regularly second-guess decisions, worry about the future and am unsure about the next step. While I may try to have my life all organized, much of it really isn’t. When people found out that we were asked to move […]

If You Are Frustrated By Not Knowing God’s Will For Your Life, Try Looking In The Mirror

look in the mirror and find God's will

“Far more important than looking and searching for God’s will is simply knowing and trusting God.” –David Platt, Follow Me If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you have His Spirit within you empowering you to make decisions that glorify Him. The issue isn’t whether or not you’ll find God’s will. The issue is […]