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What I Learned about Discipleship From 18 Months on Drew Street


I think the church in general misunderstands discipleship. We like programs where we go out and invite people to come to our building, tell them a cute Bible lesson, and then send them home. That way we don’t have to deal with them day in and day out. We can choose when we want to “minister” and when we don’t.

A couple of months ago I heard the news that a friend of mine became, in his words, “a child of God.” I never felt so excited!

While I wasn’t there for that experience, I had the privilege of walking with him through quite a bit in the last couple of years. You see, this friend was our fourteen year-old neighbor on Drew Street, a street in North Eastern Los Angeles notorious for crime and drug dealing.

4 Things You Don’t Need to Do in 2015

As I look at setting goals for this next year, I’ve been thinking about how most New Years’ resolutions add pressure to the year, not purpose. They add pressure to be someone I’m not, like resolving to work out more so I have a body like Tom Brady or purposing to schedule my life better so I am […]

Are You Giving to Get?

Skit Guys have a movie that tells the story of two brothers. One brother loved the Christmas season, the other brother loved the things that Christmas brings. They do a gift exchange. The first brother generously gives many gifts while the second brother gives a simple gift from the heart: a framed picture of the […]

Finding Our Place in This Story

A while back, I tried listening to Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace on audio book. Have you ever seen the book? It’s huge! There are several different story plots and I found myself lost in the middle of it. I struggled understanding how certain characters fit into the overall story. Our lives are a story […]

Why I Used to Hate Setting Goals (and why I love it now)

For the last six years I’ve set yearly goals at the beginning of each year. To be honest, I hated it for the first three years. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t reach my goals. While we usually don’t grow unless we have something we’re growing towards—a goal—I learned something those three years […]

5 Types of Books Everyone Should Read

5 types of books

I don’t know about you, but at the end of each year I anticipate what I’m going to read the next year. I’m not a highly prolific reader, but I do believe in quality reading plans. I am always looking for good books to read (and more time to do so).

Life is a journey. To live dynamically on this journey means we’re constantly progressing, growing, always active and changing for the better; not stagnant or dead. One of the best ways to grow is to read good books.

I think there are at least five types of books every person should read each year to help them grow. I’ll share them with you here, as well as give you fifteen suggestions to get you started.

Loving God Like a FIRST-Generation Christian

Recently, the video Christian Girl Instagram has been floating around Facebook. It’s humorous, but sadly, all too true of our generation. Not just of girls. I enjoy looking like I have a close walk with God, when in reality I don’t always. It’s similar to Ananias and Sapphira in Acts five. They wanted to appear sold-out […]

If You Want to Experience More of God, Get Out of the Boat

Many of us want to love God deeper, but we’re not willing to give up the things that keep us from loving Him. Like the rich ruler in Luke 18, we want more of God, as far as it benefits us; but we love our possessions too great to actually following Christ. The second key […]