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3 Life-Changing Principles That Help Me Overcome Critical Atittudes

I’ve experienced many failures in my life. They’re never fun. One particular way I’ve failed is that I would criticize, critique and find things wrong with people who disagreed with me. Whenever I would lead a group and someone was being a difficult follower or constantly questioning my decisions, I would find myself thinking about their […]

Embracing the Value of the Process

For the past six weeks I’ve been working on a series that feels like it could be the most important thing I’ve written so far. I was hoping to have it completed a month ago, but I’m still working on the first draft. It’s been difficult to put into words and organize it to flow […]

Being Romantic Is Different Than I Thought

being romantic

My wife and I celebrated Valentine’s Day differently this year than we did our first Valentine’s Day together. I planned a date for us. I wanted to try out a new restaurant. I got some general direction to the place and was pretty sure I knew how to get there. But after looking for an […]

What I Wish I Knew before Pursuing a Girl

things to know before pursuing a girl

Since it’s that time of year, why don’t we talk about love and relationships? There are a few things I discovered since getting married that I wish I knew back when I was eighteen and starting to think about pursuing a lady.

Relationships have a level of mystery that you can’t figure out beforehand. But if you are thinking about pursuing a girl, here are seven things I wish someone had told me before I started dating. I hope they help you in sorting through this whole “girl thing.”

What Do You Do When You Have Lost Control in a Relationship?

I watched this father once interact with his kids in a waiting room at our clinic. He played with them a little and gave them candy. The one child soon started fussing. As she grew fussier, he grew frantic. His whole approach to the situation was to try and get her happy again. But it […]

The Most Puzzling Question I Have about Guys and Marriage

With Valentines Day looming nearby, there is a question that’s been nagging me for several years I’d like to ask. Most men desire marriage. Women do too. Now, some men have tried but were turned down. I really don’t know why that is or what they should do about it. What I do know, is that many ladies […]

Clearing the Fog: a follow-up on The Shack review

There’s always some fog after publishing a post, and it seems like it was extra thick after my last one. In light of some of the feedback on my book review of The Shack (which you can read here), I feel it necessary to follow-up with a few comments. I’m afraid I came across as promoting […]