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7 Foundational Resources That Helped Me Discover God’s Love

In light of last week’s series I’ve been thinking about books and videos that helped me in processing my relationship with dad and discovering Gods father heart of love. Because I still find them incredibly valuable, I decided to share them with you. There are seven specific resources I think of in relation to dealing with father […]

Turning Your Pain into Passion and Changing the World with Your Story

change the world with your story

As I read Wild at Heart by John Eldredge and heard the story of pain he received from his Dad, I saw a bit of my story. That began my journey toward healing because I realized someone has gone through similar circumstances as me and has found healing. Stories are powerful! If you read this […]

How to Get Closer When You Still Hurt Each Other

I hope you were able to take the time for the exercise in part four. I remember doing that as I went through the Wild at Heart series. Getting away with God and pouring my heart–pain and all–out on paper released all the pent up feelings inside and released me to begin the journey of […]

What Is Really Behind Your Struggle

I talked in the beginning about the movie Ragamuffin and singer Rich Mullins. How his Dad abused him growing up, causing him to struggle for years to believe he was any good and that God loved him. There’s clip in the movie that shows the climax of his struggle. Rich is traveling with his band […]

Finding Healing When You Don’t Know Where to Turn

I hesitate to write about how to find healing when for me, it’s as if healing is finding me. Somewhere along the way, I stumbled across the video series, Wild at Heart, which began my journey toward healing. I also had a Dad who was willing to change, who began pursuing me and making things […]

Everybody’s Got A Wound

everyone's wounded

Telling a story about how my Dad hurt me feels like turning in my best friend for stealing. I care more about him than any other man on earth.

Yet, at the same time, I have been at odds with him more than any other person. Not just because he hurt me. I’ve rebelled against him, too. But an older friend once helped me realize how all the rebellion goes back to an underlying bitterness towards him.

When I saw that, when I repented and began forgiving him, the chains broke. The wall that separated us began coming down and in the last five years I have experienced an increasingly deeper, and more empowering relationship with him.

A Word From My Dad

It didn’t feel right to publish a series on father-son relationships without a word from my Dad. There is so much more to our story than we can share on a blog, but we can at least give you a glimpse of it. Here’s a word from Dad’s perspective:

You Don’t Have to Hide Your Pain a free ebook on sorting through the painful parts of your relationship with dad

don't hide your pain

If you have ever watched the movie Ragamuffin, you know it is based on the life of singer Rich Mullins. Rich was raised on a farm and was expected to take over the farm when he grew up since he was the oldest in the family.

However, Rich never enjoyed farm work and struggled to learn the ropes. His Dad drank a lot and beat him when he made mistakes. He told Rich that he would never amount to anything.

As a result, Rich spent much of his life trying to prove himself, trying to gain the love and affection of his Dad. When he discovered that he would never receive approval from him, he took that desire to a girl. When she left him, he about went crazy. He felt that everything he touched came apart.

What You Need to Know about America’s Future

I recently finished reading Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Harbinger, to my class at school. It’s a fascinating read and I heartily recommend. It’s not an eschatology book, per se, but deals primarily with the future of America based on an ancient prophecy for the nation of Israel. Mr. Cahn has done some thorough research and finds […]

The Truth about Life after High School

There’s a lot I want to tell my children as they grow older. I’ve written a couple of letters to both my sons, but mostly just expressing my love for them. Not so much giving guidance for things they will face in life. This week, I turned twenty-four years old. The years go by so […]