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When You Want More Than Your Mennonite Distinctives

when you want more

Church is confusing these days. Especially with all the different denominations and applications to scripture.

I feel a tension in my generation of Mennonites. We learn in church that a passage of Scripture means this and we should be doing that because of it.

But other believers aren’t. Other people who have authentic relationships with Jesus aren’t necessarily wearing the veiling or dressing in dresses. In fact, some of them are having a greater impact on our culture. So why do we insist on doing things our way?

Worn-Out Parents Like to Hear This Important Truth

I used to think that to develop holiness you need to develop good spiritual disciplines. But when I got married and started having children, I ran into trouble.

No matter how hard I tried and no matter how disciplined I had been before, my “good spiritual disciplines” kept getting interrupted by the responsibilities of marriage and parenting. It’s not uncommon for my wife and I to stay up late talking. Those times are good and needed. But then it’s harder to wake up in the morning.

Recently, this happened on a Friday evening and I thought we’d be able to sleep in the next day because it’s Saturday, right? Both our boys woke up at 6:30 the next morning. We had been up ‘till after midnight. It had been a busy week. All I wanted to do was sleep!

How to Effectively Tell Your Story

What’s your story? Everyone has a story: how they’ve become who they are today. What’s yours? Jerry grew up on the mission field. His parents were so involved in ministry they neglected to invest in him. He wrestled his whole life with feeling like God took his parents away from him and has little desire […]

The Power of a Simple Story

Authors Note: This year I have invited a few guests to share part of their story for my audience. I will be posting at least one guest post a month through the end of the year. To begin it all is my brother, Christopher. He is a regular contributor to the Rebelution Blog and has recently launched a […]

Please Take My 2015 Reader Survey

I really want my blog to be something that serves you, my reader. And to do that well, I need to know more about you. That’s why I created my 2015 reader survey. Would you be willing to take a few minutes to fill out the survey? By doing so, you will help me improve my blog […]

My Top 20 Posts (and two takeaways about them)

I’ve had this blog for 18 months and have published 95 posts (this makes it 96). I thought you guys might enjoy knowing what others find interesting to read. Here Are the 20 Most Popular Posts on My Blog:

Suddenly! The Stone Rolled Away From the Door of the Tomb!

Day one. The guards watched the tomb. All was quiet. Day two. The guards watched the tomb. All was quiet. Day three. The guards watched the tomb. All was quiet. Suddenly! The stone rolled away from the door of the tomb. Jesus stepped out. God’s son was alive! This past Thursday evening our school presented […]