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The Perfect Gift for a Teenage Girl

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a young lady in today’s society. Beauty is portrayed as looking perfect. Purpose is assumed to be about bringing sexual pleasure to men. And young girls are trained early on to use the power of their sexual attraction to manipulate others. If you have daughters (which I don’t […]

Every Man Should Develop This Quality to Prepare for Leadership

Sunday is Father’s Day and I can’t help but think about lessons Dad has taught me. Particularly about leadership. Dad’s been a pastor all my life. I’ve watched him learn how to influence people, lead through tough situations, take unpopular stands, and shepherd others in the Truth of God’s word. Perhaps, the greatest lesson I’ve learned as I watch […]

Those “Mismatched” Details God Allows into Your Life Have Unique Purpose

Authors Note: This is a guest post by my sister Kristi. She is a beautiful women of God who has learned how to walk in constant surrender to God’s design of her story. She inspires me! I pulled the useless, colorful creation from the deep recesses of the box I was sorting through and burst […]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Emotional Intimacy with Your Wife

couple disconnected

Teresa and I have had a few fights. We’ve never thrown things at each other. Just words. Actually, it surprised me how soon into our marriage we struggled with this.

I think I thought we had figured everything out in our courtship. I considered myself a pretty caring and sensitive man. But I had yet to learn the relational habits that lead to emotional disaster.

Guys, if you want to guarantee conflict with your wife, you need be sure and practice these simple principles as often as possible. They will eat away at any connection the two of you have and create a wall of silence and frustration.

Reflections of My Time in LA

A couple of months ago my family in LA found out they had to move. So I went home to help for a few days. Only, I surprised them:   What made this move unique is that it was the last place Mom lived. The last house where we enjoyed her company, ate her cooking, and […]

Why Are You Obeying God?

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Sometimes it feels like our churches are filled with older sons, as in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15): our obedience is for the purpose of getting things from God.

We try to be faithful because we feel that warrants more love from our Father. Like the older son who got angry when the younger son received a feast after rebelling against his Dad. The older brother saw his obedience as something his father was indebted to. He didn’t obey because he loved his father, he obeyed because he loved the blessings his father would give him.

I look around at many conservative Anabaptists and see this same pattern happening.