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12 Secret Facts about My Wife (and why I really like her)

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It’s my wife’s birthday, today. She’s as young and beautiful as ever!

I’d like to honor her today by spilling some of her best kept secrets. You may not know much about her, since I haven’t exactly detailed her life on here (and don’t plan to), but she truly is an amazing women. I’ll tell you more about that in a bit. First, here are 12 secret facts you need to know about her. (Yes, she gave reluctant permission for me to publish this. :-).)

God Brings about Our Greatest Change in Life through Difficult Times

Authors Note: This is a guest post by my friend Emily Smucker. Emily loves to learn, but it hasn’t always been that way. It took a difficult experience for God to help her learn to love learning. For a few years she struggled with West Niles virus and wrote about it in her book Emily (Check it out on […]

Is Physical Touch in Courtship Wrong?

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Perhaps everything you’ve thought about touch in courtship is incorrect. Or at least incomplete.

When Teresa and I first started dating and were deciding whether or not to be “hands off,” we asked our Dad’s about what they thought. But they didn’t have a strong opinion. They blessed us to do what we felt was best.

I think Teresa’s Dad requested that I honor her wishes, which was perfectly appropriate. However, I was looking for more definitive answers. I thought our Dad’s would make the decision for us, but that’s not what happened. We could do whatever we wanted.

Flirting with Lust Has Devastating Consequences

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I learned a lesson on a recent trip I took by myself: actions have consequences.

More importantly, sin has consequences. When you and I give in to sin we will face excruciating consequences. Even though we may repent in brokenness, we cannot prevent the consequence of our actions.

I was traveling by myself and I should have known that I would be tempted, but I hadn’t experienced failure for a long time and assumed I’d be okay. Actually, I just didn’t even think about it. Life had been busy at the time, it never once dawned on me that Satan would attack me.

11 Simple Values I Appreciate from My Anabaptist Heritage

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Heritage is powerful. God saved Lot because of his family heritage through Abraham. If it wasn’t for Abraham’s intercession, Lot would have destroyed along with Sodom.

Everyone who knows the story of Lot remembers that his family became enemies to Israel. God pronounced judgement on them. The godly heritage of his uncle, which could have been passed on, was destroyed.

Why? Because of Lot’s choices. He chose the better fields, subsequently, “pitching his tent toward Sodom.” (Gen. 13:8-13) He later lived in the city of Sodom and would have gone up in flames with it if it wasn’t for Abraham. (Gen. 18:22-33)