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How Lust Isn’t Just a Man’s Problem

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It is interesting to me how different cultures have their different pet sins. For instance, here in Thailand the pet sin is anger. Thai’s may allow extra grace with immorality, but if a pastor shows anger he must be disciplined.

In America, the pet sin is immorality. American’s may allow extra grace with anger, but when a pastor is caught in immorality, it’s worth excommunication.

The fact is both anger and immorality are sins that need to be dealt with; but in America, we have camped around immorality. Specifically, pornography.

Why You Don’t Have to Live a Remarkable Life

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Authors Note: This is a guest post by friend, LaRonda Schrock.

LaRonda describes herself as ordinary. She likes good coffee, August sunsets and, well, Instagram. She also love to laugh, to create, to sing. She believes in big dreams and splits her time between an office job designing kitchens, and waiting tables at a local diner.

LaRonda spent four good, stretching years in Thailand and is learning that God’s purposes are always good, even when she doesn’t understand them. That worship and obedience are her calling everyday. One thing she is learning is that ordinary isn’t nearly as boring as she had feared.

An Anabaptist New York Times Bestseller

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What would it be like to walk into Walmart and be able to buy a music CD from a girl wearing a head-covering? Or to have an Anabaptist author publish a NY Times Bestseller?

How do we best serve people?

Think of a restaurant. How does the owner of a restaurant best serve his customers? Does he offer only water because that is healthiest and he wants his customers to be healthy? Maybe he’ll throw in Coke because he knows that if you don’t like water you probably like Coke.

5 Ways My Son Teaches Me How to Be a Better Dad

Two years ago today, my son popped into open air after sixteen hours of labor. What a thrilling moment! And relieving for my wife. We were excited about this new thing called parenting and raising a family together. Kenaz started sleeping through the night quite easily. Around twelve weeks without much difficulty, he slept nine hours […]