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“Us” vs. “Them”: the real problem with Christian denominations

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I have remarkable friends. Remarkable because they are intelligent, good-looking, serve people, love God, and seem to get a kick out of me. They also ask great questions.

One of the questions I often hear my remarkable friends ask is “Why does everything have to be about being Anabaptist?”

Much of my generation is tired of the “us” vs. “them” mentality of the Anabaptist church. In fact, I believe it’s one of the primary reasons young people choose to leave. Too often, the focus is on our differences from the rest of the evangelical world and why they are wrong and evil and how we should keep away from them. That gets exhausting for young believers who simply want to follow Christ.

9/11, the End Times, and How Christians Might Actually be Mocking God

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This weekend marks fourteen years since two airplanes careened into the World Trade towers in downtown New York City. It’s been seven years since the Great Recession impacted our economy. There is a lot of speculation among Christian communities about what might take place this year.

Was God sending America a message back in 2001, and again in 2008? If so, what will it be this year? Will America finally collapse? And if America collapses, does that mark the beginning of Christ’s return?

Why Marriage Won’t Solve Your Problem with Lust (and what will)

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Lust isn’t just a man’s problem. It’s a human problem. Furthermore, lust isn’t the fact that you desire sexual intimacy. That desire is good and God-given.

If you’ve been following the posts on lust and desire, than you know that single men and women aren’t necessarily lusting when they desire something that can only be satisfied in marriage. On the other hand, married men and women could be lusting when they want what can be satisfied, but their wanting it is self-focused and not motivated by love.

In other words, burning with passion may not be wrong and fulfilling sexual intimacy could be. That means many of us may not fully understand 1 Corinthians 7.

Love & Respect When Dealing with Pornography

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I know I said this next post would be about why marriage isn’t the solution to lust, but I feel it necessary to discuss something about men and women that we often overlook when it comes to dealing with pornography and issues of personal purity.

I’m the type of guy that really doesn’t beat around the bush. I say it like it is. Verbalize what everyone else is already thinking. Sometimes it’s humorous. Sometimes people appreciate it. Sometimes, though, it gets me in trouble. And, sometimes, rightfully so.

There is much I have to learn about communicating effectively and clearly. My deepest desire is that everything I say be said in love and lead others in worship. I love people. I love my readers, even though I don’t know everyone personally. I write these things because of my love for them. And while I freely share my opinion on many subjects, I don’t say things I’m not sure are true.