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When You’re Tired of Your Church

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Is it ever wrong to call it quits on your church?

My generation is hungry for authenticity and spiritual life. It often feels like we don’t get that in our churches. I know, church isn’t about what we get out of it but about giving to others.

But what if we’re getting absolutely nothing out of our church? Is it ever wrong to leave?

The Secret to Experiencing Meaningful Relationships

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What if relationships weren’t meant to be about getting somewhere, but enjoying the journey?

Recently, my wife and I had a little squabble. The whole episode left both of us a little hurt and longing for deeper oneness as a couple. It’s in times like that I feel defeated and anxious of whether I’ll ever get relationships down, if you know what I mean.

We are all made for relationships. Even us men. We want meaningful relationships. But what does that mean? What does it look like?

A Better Way to Solve Gun Violence

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Another shooting happened this past week that directly targeted Christians. While most Christians seem primarily worried about the government restricting their use of arms through gun laws, I’m beginning to ask a few questions.

What if there was a better way to solve gun violence than through politics? I’m conservative, and certainly don’t like the thought of only the government being in control of weapons, but what if all that shouldn’t matter to us as Christians?

One Christian senator encouraged fellow Christians to carry personal weapons for self-defense. How does that line up with following Christ? Jesus healed the man his disciples struck with a sword in defense of Him.

How I Discovered God Uses Imperfect People to Do the Impossible

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Sometimes our flaws and weaknesses stick out so glaringly that we get caught up in how needy we are and fail to realize that God might want to work through us. My friend RaVonne shares about a time when God used her and how she learned that God does the impossible through imperfect people.

RaVonne lives with her family in Thailand where she is learning that God can use her even when she feels needy. Currently, RaVonne is a student at a missionary training school in Thailand and seeks to support herself through her passion of photography by producing cards. You can check out her stuff here.