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3 Reasons American Christians Don’t Want Syrian Refugees (and what to do about it)

Five times a day, the descendants of Ishmael cry before Lord. And God hears it. God hears their cry and calls us, the partakers of the free gift through that one man Jesus Christ, to His answer to their cry and share it with them.

But we don’t go.

Churches in America send one missionary per million Muslims. We are neglecting the call of Christ on our lives as receivers of the abundance of God’s grace and of the free gift of righteousness.

So God is sending them to us.

In droves.

A Discussion on Modesty

clothes on rack

What comes to your mind when you hear that we’re going to have “a discussion on modesty”?

Perhaps you think, “Oh no! Another person is going to tell me how I should dress.” Or maybe you think, “Modesty is not a type of dress, it’s a principle.”

Do you recall a particular sermon that left you feeling sour and used? Or do you think of a really good sermon that you recommend to everyone?

“I asked her out and she said ‘No'”

angry lady rejecting man with flowers

What’s a guy to do when he asks the girl of his dreams out and she turns him down? Or maybe they were dating, but she decided to break it up. Does that mean it’s over for good?

This week my wife and I are celebrating our third anniversary. I find it hard to believe it has been three years already because I remember so clearly how scared I felt when I first called Teresa’s Dad. I pushed it off for about a week. I was afraid that I would receive a “No.”

We have this thing called courtship, modeled after our “romance patriarchs”: Isaac and Rebecca, and Boaz and Ruth. As I understand it, the goal is to have a romantic relationship built by serving each other and around the purpose of pursuing marriage as opposed to simply having fun. But is what we call courtship in crisis?

Does God Really Work All Things Together for Good? wrestling with sovereignty in the face of tragedy

Three years ago this morning I woke up an excited groom-to-be. Dad and I were going to have breakfast together and have a much needed father-son talk, if you know what I mean.

Our family was staying in the basement of some friends in Canon City, Colorado, where my fiancée lived and our wedding was going to be held. I went out to the living room that morning to have personal devotions. I was tired and doing my best to be “spiritual.”

Mom woke up around the same time and came out to the living room, as well. After a few minutes, she broke the silence and asked how Teresa and I were doing. I remember feeling slightly annoyed—”I’m meeting with God, can’t you see?”