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We Wish You a Blessed Christmas!!!

From our house to yours–Merry Christmas!

We are enjoying our time with my family in Los Angeles. Good talks, fun times with the nephews and festive activities for young and old.

One of the things I don’t like about blogging and writing online is that many people can read my writing without me getting to know them. So I thought this Christmas Day would be a great time to play some get-to-know you. 😉 If you read this, introduce yourself by leaving the comment “Merry Christmas from (your city,state,country).” Let’s see how many people we meet.

I’m Taking a Blogging Break–here’s why

How do you plan to spend your Christmas vacation? Will you be visiting family, or are you going to stay home and celebrate with friends? Do you plan to take any time off of work, or just Christmas Day?

In less than forty-eight hours my family and I board a plane for Los Angeles. We are excited about this trip! Not only because it has been two years since we celebrated Christmas with my family, but also because Teresa’s brother is getting married later in January. We’ll be in the States for six weeks and it will be a riot! (Yes, I’m anticipating a riot traveling with two toddlers.)

One of my biggest weaknesses is trying to do too much at one time. As a result, I often don’t get everything done. On Sundays, I find it hard to sit and read because I think of everything else I could and should be doing. I feel like I’m often running behind and not able to keep on top of life.

If You’re Tired of American Christianity, You Don’t Want to Miss This

friends walking

You’re tired of Christianity just being about going to church and paying your tithe. You’re frustrated with Christian leaders telling their people to “take up their guns,” when Christ calls us to a life of love and service.

You want to change that. You want to see Christ actually lived out in the church. You want to live a meaningful life for Him, but there is a problem: you feel lost as to how to bring about such change.

In America, Christianity runs so deep within our heritage that, anymore, most Christian people use “Christianity” as they would their nationality, yet many people don’t know what it actually means to be a “little Christ,” much less how to be one.

My Personal Testimony

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Life is rarely cookie-cutter simple. Whether it’s relationships, family, money, following God, church, our jobs, or deciding which jeans to buy, life isn’t as easy as we wish it was.

Some people live as if life is a formula to be solved, but there is no formula to solve the disillusionment and confusion we sometimes feel. Perhaps that’s why I like to tackle issues on this blog that are relevant to my generation. I want this blog to be a place that helps people sort through the hard questions they face.

It seems to be resonating.

In the last year, the readership on this blog has increased by more than six hundred percent (600%). I typically assume that my readers know me and where I come from, but as is natural with such growth and as I’ve been discovering over the last six months, many, if not most, of my readers don’t know my background. So I thought that this week I would share with you my personal testimony.