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rediscovering Jesus

The Information Age and the Christian understanding how to use knowledge to effect meaningful change

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In an age when endless amounts of information are available to everyone and 85% of the population graduates form high school, we actually know less than ever before. Why is that?

My friend, Reagan, suggests the reason is from a wrong perspective of information and its place in our lives.  The “end-game” of information is not knowing, but rather applying. It’s not enough just to know information, but do we understand it well enough to apply what we know?

Reagan’s passion in life is communication. He says that if we truly care about understanding we will be passionate about communicating what God has taught us.

Why Jesus an in-depth look at who Christ is, what He did, and how we personally experience Him

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We hear about God’s son all our lives and, yes, we can quote verses about who He is and why He came to earth and died and rose again, but it’s easy for the story to become rote and soon the deep, earth shaking truths glide over our heads while our hearts wrestle with the faith conflicts we experience every day while living on this earth.

Too many people are doing okay on the outside, but feel lost when they’re hearts ask scary questions. Questions such as, “Why Jesus?” “Who is God, really?” “Am I truly saved?” and “Have I ever actually known God?” aren’t that acceptable in Christian culture. We’re supposed to have that all figured out. Yet, the more I hear people’s stories, the more I realize many of us—those that look like good Christians—are wrestling with these very issues.

This Easter season I needed to take a look and remember who Christ is, what He did for us, how He did that, and how we can experience Him personally.

God’s Kingdom Is Not Upside Down why following Christ doesn't mean you do everything backwards

Some will tell you that “in God’s kingdom, up is down and down is up,” insinuating that what makes sense to our minds is not right in God’s kingdom and what is right in God’s kingdom doesn’t make sense to our minds.

They get this thought from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. Jesus tells us that when someone slaps you on the right cheek, instead of slapping them back (as the world would do), turn the other cheek to them so they can slap it also. If someone takes your outer coat, instead of grabbing it back and yelling at them (as the world would do), Christ tells us to give them our sweatshirt as well. The Sermon is full of these paradoxical instructions calling us to do things differently than what comes natural in the heated moment.

But it gets taken out of context.

A Prayer for My Generation will we build on what's been given to us?


Every generation has to find their place in history. For one, morality may be the trump struggle they face. For another, it may be poverty.

For us, there’s never been a more Christian time in history. And that’s making us ask questions. How do we know what we’ve been taught all these years is right?

With as many faults as our parents may have, we have been given a lot. We have been given faith blocks to build on—will we building on them? Do we want more of God, and are we willing to take what they gave us and add to it?

The Power of a Single Goal how to turn great ambitions into real-life change

Our wildest dreams and deepest desires won’t ever become reality until we can narrow down the process to simple, actionable goals.

My friend Jewel Yoder shares a lesson her Mom taught her about the power of a single goal. She tells the story of how her Mom turned the desire to do better at affirming her children into a simple action she could easily act upon.

As you look at the rest of the year, what is it you long to have changed? You want to have more meaningful relationships? Would you like to experience more of God’s presence? Perhaps you want to be more engaged with your neighbors. What are you doing to bring that about? If you want to make it reality, it must be narrowed down to a single action you will do regularly.