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Stop Criticizing Your Church and Start Creating Change you are made for more than simply analyzing life


Anyone can point out faults or critique the church and how we’re doing ministry. It doesn’t take skill to point out how the older generation failed. That’s pretty obvious to those of us who grew up in the wake of their mistakes. But we as Christians are called to a changed life both personally, as Christ changes us, and to bring others into a changed life.

It’s easy for us to critique the older generation. It is risky for us to actually start taking action towards change.

In this post, I challenge us to evaluate whether we are practically living out a better way than what we’re analyzing and criticizing.

What Plexus Exposes about the American Church how lovers and haters are missing the point

It’s not a new discussion. Ever since it hit the market, there’s been tense controversy over it. So why would I dare waste my morning writing a few thousand words that may only cause more arguments?

Because Plexus exposes something about the American church. Not the product itself, although I do plan to share a few statistics and resources concerning it. But rather, the phenomenon of Plexus Worldwide exposes something about the hearts of American christians.

This article is not about finalizing an opinion on the brand, but on what it exposes and how to deal with it. This issue has everything to do with the future spiritual life and health of the church. That’s why I feel compelled to address it.

No Broken People Allowed what happens in church when Christians hide their failures

Within the Christian culture, we don’t do well at caring for broken people, especially in a church mainly filled with multigenerational believers. We’ve known all of our lives how to live appropriately and so Christianity becomes more about living rightly than faith and transformation in Christ.

Requirements for church membership focus more on outside sins (smoking, dress, habits of leisure) instead of internal sins such as gluttony, gossip, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, anger, rebellion, materialism and many more. The idea is, once you have your outside life altogether you can become a member. And then, don’t show anymore imperfections after that.

The problem is, that only cultivates fake Christians.

5 Characteristics of a Life-Giving Church what my pastor father learned from over twenty years of ministry

church congregation

Sometimes we seem so focused on ourselves we don’t know how to care for others. The New Testament church seemed so effective in bringing people into the Kingdom of God. Today, it feels like we’re dead and unable to truly meet and minister to people’s needs.

What is the church supposed to be?

I’ve written before about my Dad being a pastor. He’s no foreigner to the questions I share on here. In fact, he’s the one who taught me how to analyze the church and seek ways to make it better, more as Christ intended. And from over twenty-five years of pastoring, he has a lot of insight to share on this subject.