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Making Sure Your Marriage Ends Well doing today what it takes to end tomorrow thriving


I found it easy to invest in our relationship when Teresa and I were dating, but once we got married, it became more difficult. Add a couple busy boys to our life and investing in marriage feels as difficult as rowing upstream with dogs lapping at our faces. Today, we get into ruts: Danisa’s for dates, short quick prayers before sleep, flowers on birthday’s and special events, approaching sex the same way every time—you get the point.

So what are we to do? Just settle into a mundane, predictable marriage from here on forward?

I personally refuse to accept that. Marriage that way doesn’t end well. In fact, they often end early. So in an attempt to do today what it takes to end tomorrow thriving in our marriage, I’ve discovered these five ways of investing in my marriage that rekindle and deepen our relationship.

20 Questions I Have about Church introducing a study on church: it's purpose, how it should function, and the relationships therein


Do you understand the purpose of the church? Or do you just kind of go with what others have told you?

Even though I grew up in church I still have questions about it. And even though I would say I have an understanding of what the purpose of church is, I tend to go off of what others have told me. Not that it’s entirely wrong to do that, but I’d like to study what Scripture has to say about church by doing what I can to take the Bible at face value without reading through the lenses of what others have said.

That’s why I am embarking on a Biblical study of the church and its purpose, how it should function, and the relationships therein.

Young Families in Danger 3 reasons to go into missions when the kids are small


Are you scared to take your young family into missions? People usually go into missions as singles or young couples. When the kids start coming and grow older, they move back to the States and “settle down.” But what if that is actually one of the most dangerous things you could do?

They don’t learn to serve others automatically as soon as they become adults. If they have been raised pursuing sports, hanging out with people they think are cool, and taking luxurious family vacations, that’s how they will live when they have their own family.

In this post I give three reasons why I think it’s better for young families to get involved in ministry than to “settle down.”

7 Modesty Issues That Don’t Matter what really is important when we dress?


In conservative Anabaptist circles, we often get hung-up on issues of modesty that don’t really matter.

What is modesty, anyway? If I’m going to be a modest man does it mean I wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants? Or is that completely beside the point and I just need make sure I have a humble, self-deprecating spirit?

I believe a good definition of modesty is an attitude of heart that causes us to live in such a way that does not bring attention to ourselves, but to the glory of God. For purpose this post, I want to point out seven things Anabaptists often consider “modesty issues,” but don’t really matter.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What’s Next in Life 5 truths to remember when seeking God’s direction for your future


Three years ago my wife and I were asked to teach school in Thailand. The opportunity excited us. We had met in Asia and both of us left a bit of our hearts there. But the question we wrestled with was whether it is actually God’s will for us to move back to Thailand, or whether it’s just our own selfish desire?

On one hand, it seemed ridiculous because we lived in Los Angeles and were heavily involved in ministry. Why would we leave? On the other hand, what if this request was God introducing a better opportunity for us? Or what if we were just infatuated with Asia?

In this post I reflect on five truths I’ve discovered about finding God’s direction for our future.

12 Symptoms of Religious Politics why people walk away from church, and how you can be different


The biggest turnoff to people about the Christian church is the politics that take place when it becomes institutionalized.

My generation is especially exhausted by inauthenticity in spiritual leaders and those who are too spineless to stand for what’s right when doing so means losing constituents. But religious politics isn’t played only at the leadership level. In fact, it begins as young people in the youth group. It deepens through cliques at Bible school and culminates in the jealous battle for favor and attention over “ordinations weekend.”

In today’s post we look at twelve symptoms of religious politics and how you and I can rise above such cowardly games.

When Children Become Well-Behaved Jerks raising kids without the grace of God


Children raised without the grace of God become well-behaved jerks.

When I was still at home and people would visit and compliment my parents on raising good kids, they would always say, “But for the grace of God! It’s nothing we did.” That never made sense to me. Dad and Mom were extremely intentional with how they raised us kids. What do they mean, “It’s nothing they did?”

Growing up in Christian culture, the burden of our parenting isn’t so much that our kids come to know Christ—although we would all verbalize that’s what we want. But in actuality it isn’t. What we really want is well-behaved, sensible kids with a passion for Christ that make us look like perfect parents. We want to raise our kids without needing to lean into the grace of God.