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How to Have a Remarkable Vacation is vacation for exciting experiences or spiritual growth?


Sometimes, vacations feel like a let-down because we work so hard getting ready for them, cram our schedules full with all kinds of fun stuff, and spend so much time under the sun our ears get burnt to a crisp and hurt with blisters. By the time we get home from vacation, we feel the need for a vacation just to catch up from our vacation.

Is that really how it’s supposed to be? I mean, when we take time off, is it about filling ourselves full with all kinds of exciting experiences that when we’re done, we feel the need for more time off? What is vacation supposed to look like?

I’m not sure I necessarily know the answer to that. There are certainly many different ways to have a vacation, but this year we tried something different and it turned out to be one of the best yet. One of those I’d call remarkable.

What to Focus on When You Feel Held Back by Your Church the millennial's guide to church frustrations


Christian millennials might be a little funny, I admit, but one thing I am certain of is that we want more of God. We don’t want to be fake in our faith. We don’t want pretense. We want authenticity and true evangelical faith that works to better humanity both now in this life, and in the eternal.

I see, however, a group of millennials that is also rather disillusioned. They want to be effective in making disciples without compromising on the truth and values given in their upbringing. Only, they feel held back in their current situation. For whatever reason—tradition, church structure, peers, personal fears, or current leadership—they can’t grow in deeper maturity and vibrancy with Christ and they find themselves frustrated.

What if it is possible to move through this frustration and live vibrantly for Christ? What if there was a way to align our focus so that no matter what church situation we are dealing with, we can respond in loving, Christ-exalting, God-honoring ways? What if we could be free of the bondage of feeling held back? Free to live as Christ calls us to while not needlessly fracturing relationships?

3 Kinds of Millennial Christians wrestling with the weaknesses of ourselves and the strengths of others


In the past number of years, I have noticed there are primarily three kinds of millennial Christians who discover weaknesses in their upbringing and strengths in other denominations, and struggle to know how to reconcile them.

Is it wrong? Is it right? What do we do if we see ourselves in one of these?

In this post, I introduce an eBook where I address the three kinds of millennial Christians in the church today, and give a few words for each as to what I believe we can do to grow personally, as well as corporately, in maturity in Christ.

How the Emergent Movement Impacts Us my take on Rob Bell, Brian McLaren and Anabaptist young people


Has the emergent church movement impacted Anabaptist young people? Does it matter if it has?

In recent years, I have noticed an increasing amount of people who struggle with faith, God, confusion in their walk with Him, or disillusionment with the church. Is this the result of the emergent church?

While I don’t like naming specific people in criticism, I was recently asked about my take on the emergent church movement and how I thought it is impacting Anabaptist youth and decided to write about my concerns with Rob Bell and Brian McLaren’s teaching.

Do You Agree with Every Book You Read? 5 insights for gleaning value from what you read


Is it okay to learn from a book if the author has beliefs we’re not sure are Biblical?

I often refer books to my friends even though I have yet to read a book where I fully agree with the author. There is nothing worse the someone condemning a book who has not actually read it, or is not familiar with what the author teaches. Unless the author or speaker makes a significant theological or doctrinal error in his teaching, I think we benefit from hearing what they have to say.

I can’t promise that they won’t need discernment as they read the books I suggest, but there are a few thoughts I try to keep in mind that I believe can help all of us test authors in a healthy way.

Thailand Summer Life Described in 20 Pictures what this author and his family have been up to and why


I have been busy wrapping up the manuscript for my book, Live Free: conquer lust, discover the power of male sexuality.

The problem is, however, the manuscript has consumed so much of my time this last week that I haven’t been able to put together any blog posts. So, today I decided to share with you the latest family update we sent to our supporters.

I plan to wrap up the manuscript for editing the next couple of days and then will hopefully be able to prepare regular blog posts again, but until then, if you’d like to see what we’ve been up to, check out our latest family update to see our Thailand summer life described in 20 pictures.