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Plexus, modesty and other topics too dangerous to talk about the first and second most-read posts of 2016

Have you ever read one of my posts that left you asking more questions than before, or left you wishing I would elaborate more?

Last year’s two most-read posts were also perhaps the two most controversial posts. 7 Modesty Issues That Don’t Matter received over 4,500 views and 30+ comments. What Plexus Exposes about the American Church received nearly 22,000 views and 130 comments.

The thing about controversial posts is they are often incomplete. That’s probably what makes them so heated. In order to address some of the gaps in the original posts, I created a couple of videos elaborating more on each one. Check them out in this post.

WAP! in 2017 are you really ready for the new year?


Out of fifteen goals I made this last year, I really only completed three of them. Trust me, they were really good goals. I was bound and determined to actually do it when I created them, and it’s not that I didn’t try—I did. But the busyness of life creeps in so quickly, the worries and pressures we succumb to eat out passion for following through on our commitments.

Is there any hope for completing what we desire to do? Is there any point in setting goals or clarifying vision? What is it God really wants us to do with our lives, with each New Year?

In the Matthew account of the night leading up to Christ’s crucifixion, something happens with His inner circle that I believe reveals what God is calling you and I to right now in 2017.