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Vibrantly Alive in a World of Brokenness from frustration to freedom

Thanks again for all the feedback you’ve been giving after the first two posts!

But what about when your church requires extra-biblical standards of new believers? What about when you feel lonely and unable to connect with others?

Am I suggesting that no matter what church situation you are experiencing right now you should just focus on the Gospel and continue investing as much as you can?

Absolutely not!

How to Gain a Voice with Your Pastor what we get wrong about community and sharing our vision with others


Thanks so much for your feedback after my last post!

Many of my readers feel held back by their church. They want to be fruitful for Christ. They want more of God and His blessing, but because of traditions or structure, they feel restricted by their church. Not empowered.

In my last post, I shared how I used to think my church held me back from being a better Christian, but now I know it’s my focus. I said there are times we bump into irreconcilable differences and suggested we can’t ever avoid those. But what we can avoid is a wrong focus. In this post I’m going to share how to gain a voice with your pastor and become an agent of positive change in your church.

How to Overcome Frustrations with Church and Live Vibrant for Christ the truth about what’s holding you back


Do you face frustrations with church?

I used to think it was my church holding me back from being a better Christian. I thought because of the way it was structured, cultural traditions, or the other people within it, I couldn’t fully live as the New Testament shows disciples of Christ living. Now, I know what actually holds me back is not my church, but my focus.

Church gets confusing—even downright frustrating—with so many ways of interpreting and applying the Bible. If my church asks me to wear certain clothes because that is what they think modesty means, what about all the other Christians who don’t dress the same way? They have authentic, vibrant relationships with Christ. In fact, they seem to be having a greater impact on our culture. Why should I do what my church says?

What I Got Wrong about Theology Christians, the Gospel, and why we need to study God


Have you ever felt that Christians are more concerned about right and wrong beliefs then they are about being one with Christ?

I used to think the problem was that we focused too much on theology. All the different terms—soteriology, ecclesiology, eschatology, Calvinism, Arminianism, and so on. Most of them made no sense to me and I couldn’t figure out why people spent so much time debating over which ones were right.

So, I said once that we as Anabaptists focus too much on theology and not enough on relationships. Having said that, I’ve pondered it a lot and have concluded I was wrong.

No, You Don’t Have to Read the Bible rediscovering God's intent for Scripture


What if the modern approach to Scripture isn’t what God intended for it? What if saying you can only know God through knowing the Bible cripples people from knowing Him at all?

Today, more than ever we need to be grounded in Truth, but the way we worship the black, white and leather of the Bible doesn’t help us become anymore grounded.

When we put the Bible on a pedestal it was never supposed to have, we actually cultivate contempt for Truth and turn people away from God. In this post, I expose the wrong way to use the Bible, explain the right way, and share how to tell the difference.