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Transitions and “Intangible” Earthly Possessions musings from a man on the move


I don’t know about you, but whenever I come to the end of a season, I find myself looking back and evaluating how it went. Did I do my best? Did I grow? If so, what did I learn? What happened during this season that will forever shape my life and my relationships? How am I different because of this season? How has it made me better? What am I motivated to change because of this season? What do I want to carry on into the next season?

These are the questions I find myself compulsively asking during this stage of life. Most of it I write down in my journal. Maybe share with a few close friends. I certainly don’t intend to air it all for the world to see. However, maybe you are also going through transition or have gone through transition. If you haven’t already, you probably will one day, and maybe a few of the musings I have from looking back and evaluating through this transition will resonate with you.

That’s what I plan to blog about during the next couple of months. If I have the time and space, I may develop a few random more in-depth posts on relevant topics and needed discussions. But for now, I’ll relegate those to the back-burner and simply open parts of my journal and share some musings.

An open letter about the Bible, blogging, and why I choose the titles I do a few things I deeply believe

A couple months ago I wrote an article titled, No, You Don’t Have to Read the Bible. I received quite a basket of mixed feedback, so I thought it beneficial to follow-up and bring clarity where I may have failed to before.

This is an open letter. Quite long, to be honest. But necessary for clarifying a few things I deeply believe. The letter is separated into the following sections. Feel free to skip ahead to whatever interests you most by clicking on the heading below:

  • Summarizing No, You Dont Have to Read the Bible
  • “What a title!!??”
  • Intentional Blogging
  • Relational vs. Intellectual, and an “ever-evolving message”
  • The Word of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Inspiration of Scripture
  • The Problem with Scripture in 2017
  • What I Believe about the Bible in 18 Statements