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Weekend Roundup (July 29) top articles from around the web, kindle deals, and behind the scenes update

It’s the weekend, folks, and it’s time to round ’em up!

Weekend Roundup (July 22) top articles from around the web, kindle deals, and behind the scenes update

Good morning, folks! It’s Saturday morning and I’m starting something new. At least, I’m going to experiment with it for a month and see how you all like it.

I call it “Weekend Roundup.” What this means is that every Friday I’m going to roundup the best articles I’ve read the previous week and think would of interest to you and link to them with a brief description of what they’re about. I will also link to the post that was most read on my blog this week (just in case you missed it), as well as give you a behind the scenes update of what is happening in my life or with the blog.

How to Grieve with People Who Have Lost a Loved-One what to do when you don’t know what to do


Have you ever felt unsure of what to do as you watched a friend grieve a loved-one? My wife recently lost a cousin in a tragic car accident. As I watched the family grieve I found myself wondering what to do.

There really is nothing one can do at a time like that to alleviate pain. And the pain is so deep and excruciating, it’s almost mockery to pretend we can identify. So, as we drove the thirteen hours to where the funeral would be held, and as I watched the family and their loved-ones grieve, unsure of my role in a time like that, I kept asking myself, “What do people do for me that feel good to me as I grieve?”

If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation, wondering what to do for your grieving friends, I’d like to share a few insights from my own journey that I think will be meaningful for anyone walking through grief. First, let me say a few things everyone, those looking on and those going through it, need to know about grief.