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aw_profile1Hi, and welcome to my blog! I’m Asher, and if this your first time here, this is a great place to start.

People have said that I put into words what they feel. Everyone has deep, unspoken questions they wrestle with, and often they are scary questions. The types of things we’re not supposed to talk about. They sound critical, or doubtful. But eventually those questions need words put to them or else you feel like you’ll explode.

My prayer for this blog is that it’s a place where you discover deeper authenticity in your walk with God and feel safe to express the questions you wrestle with or the frustrations you feel.

If you want to see the church and the people of God vibrant with life and love instead of meaningless religion or powerless show, then you are like most of my readers.

On this blog, we sort through the hard questions you face by having risky conversations. We learn to be real about white elephant issues that build walls between us, we learn to develop meaningful relationships with God and others, and we learn to live for Someone greater than ourselves.

A Little about Myself

My wife and I both grew up in families heavily involved in ministry and now we ourselves are living overseas teaching school. As a pastor’s son, I saw something in church that bothered me: people knew how to live the “christian life,” but didn’t seem to understand what it’s really all about. Actually, that stuck out to me because it’s something I struggle with. That journey is what motivates much of my writing. (Get the rest of scoop on me here.)

A Free Gift Just for You

Many people are disillusioned with God, frustrated by church, and unsatisfied in their relationships. People don’t walk away from God because He hurt them, they walk away because they’re confused.

One of the biggest reasons people get confused about God is because of pain they received from their Dad. I grew up a pastor’s son, and pastors and their sons have perfect relationships, right?

Turns out, they don’t always.

My guess is I’m not the only one who struggled with feeling like there was a wall in my relationship with Dad that prohibited me from connecting with him–from feeling like he valued me. One of the risky conversations I’ve had dealt with the hard parts of my relationship with Dad. I wrote about it in an ebook that I’d like to give to you for free as a complimentary gift when you subscribe to my blog. As you read it, you will join over 1,000 people in taking the journey of sorting through the hard parts of relating with your dad.

Each week I publish a new blog post tackling relevant issues to your life whether it’s with relationships, church, your walk with God—even sometimes politics. If you don’t want to miss anything, be sure to subscribe to the blog and have each new post delivered directly to your inbox.


Dad & I
sorting through the hard parts of father-son relationships
I promise not to pepper you with unnecessary email or give your address to anyone!

To get started reading the blog, check out the posts my audience connects with the most:

Church Issues

As I mentioned before, I grew up in an Anabaptist church. If you don’t know what Anabaptist is, check this out.

Like most people who grow up in any church, I see issues in our churches. On this blog I do my best to address different issues that face the church today without overreacting. There’s nothing worse than being accused of overreacting. But. . .sometimes things get frustrating. . .and reacting seems to be the only natural response. Even so, I truly believe there are effective solutions to the struggles we feel and that we can explore them without reacting.

Below are the most popular posts on this blog dealing with church issues:

Relationships & Parenting

In all honesty, relationships scare me. When I met my wife for the first time, I avoided her because at that point in my life, women were confusing and painful and pursuing them seemed treacherous.

Now I’m married and have two boys. When I write about relationships (and parenting), I’m writing as someone discovering a whole new world. There’s so much to learn, but relationships aren’t meant to be fixed and figured out; they’re meant to be enjoyed. Here are the most popular posts on relationships:

The Rest

Some of my other most popular posts deal with different issues we face as followers of Christ, such as modesty, lust, pain, how to influence people, music, and much much more. Check them out below:

One More Thing You’ve Got to See

As a way of serving you, I keep my eye open for resources that would help my readers–you. Check out this page to see all the treasures I’ve discovered. Maybe one of them will help you experience your next big breakthrough.

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Don’t ever hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!

God bless!


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