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And the winner of the giveaway is…….. one lucky commenter gets their own FREE copy of Anything But Simple

Well folks, it sure has been fun running a giveaway! I decided from now on, that’s all I’m blogging about. I got more comments than I ever have before at 155! 😮

So, maybe I’m just messing with you. BUT, there is one special person who won’t have to fork out $10.15 to read Luci Miller’s Anything But Simple this fall.


My very own plain AND simple camera photo of the copy about to be shipped…

I arranged all comments in order from oldest to newest beginning with the comments here on the blog. Then I generated a number with Google’s Number Generator, and landed on number 125.

And the person with the 125th comment is….. *drum roll please*……

Yvette Vazquez Sanchez!!!!!!!!!

Leave a message with your address, Yvette, and I’ll ship you the photographed copy of Anything But Simple.


And for the rest, if you want it you can buy it on Amazon here.

AND, if you haven’t read my review on the book, check out this post.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for participating. Thanks for giving me a fun way to promote a fellow author’s work.


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