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Can a Church Last without Rules? on having an appearance of wisdom

Question Submitted: Can a local church be cohesive, maintain scriptural commands, and be sustained through several generations without rules?

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  • Reuben Hege

    You’re thoughts here resonate well with me. I have never been a part of a church that did not have some sort of rules or guidelines that essentially are placed on par with the Scriptures in there level of authority. And as you’ve observed it doesn’t fix the evil hearts of some who are part of the group.
    I’m so glad you’re addressing this question because it’s something I’ve been thinking abort for some time. I have very little experience with a church that had no rules. I know the Church of the Brethren is as close to it as any I know. But I’m not very familiar with their inner workings. They seem to have about as many problems as churches that have a lot of rules. I heard a minister say once that “All churches have rules. Some write them down, others are just understood”. I don’t know for sure if this is true or not but it may add a new twist to the conversation.
    I do believe, if we as fathers are taking our place leading our families. First, knowing what we believe. Then, having the backbone to stand up for it. It would take away a lot of the need (desire) for the community to adopt rules. We need men who are soft as velvet and strong as steel to build the church. Not the passive men that many of us are if we don’t intentionally live our lives with purpose. Constantly pursuing the hearts of our wives and children (each one individually) so that we have the credibility to influence their thought processes as they grow older.
    God bless you as you continue to explore the hard questions of life. And blessings on your time at Bible College!