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What Happens When My Pastor Sins? an honest look at the raw humanity of people within the church

If your pastor got up in front of the church this coming Sunday and confessed he was gay, what would you do? What would you do if one of your church elders or deacons or small group leaders confessed to having an extra marital affair? Does it throw you for a loop even considering the possibility? Might you struggle to trust them, want their resignation, and feel disillusioned with God? That says something about the health of the church, and it's not necessarily what you think.

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About Asher Witmer

I am a son of God, husband, father, and difference maker. I love helping people sort through hard questions they face and rediscover Jesus. I have written three eBooks dealing with church frustrations, and send out daily posts addressing faith, church and relationships.

  • Reuben Hege

    Thank you so much for addressing this, brother. This is very near to my heart. The conservative culture is very focused on perfect actions which automatically requires a cover up when failure becomes a part of a person’s life. Very few are willing to get down with a hurting brother or sister, one who has failed at one thing or another and hurt with them, feel for them and help them along.

    I have walked this journey personally and knows the feeling of failing and seeing others gasp and look at me with disgust. The pain of that, will shut most people down, in opening up with their struggles. I have learned that I need to accept, like and love, everyone right where they are, especially in their struggles and hurts. I even wonder why I never thought about it before (when I treated people liked they should be perfect) when I consider the Golden Rule.

    The thought you gave about expecting perfection resonates with me completely. That expectation causes more issues in the church than we know. There even seems to be a stigma attached to admitting that I’m struggling in my life. This brings much loneliness and hurt to many lives.