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And the winner of the giveaway is…….. one lucky commenter gets their own FREE copy of Anything But Simple


Well folks, it sure has been fun running a giveaway! I decided from now on, that’s all I’m blogging about. I got more comments than I ever have before. 😮

So, maybe I’m just messing with you. BUT, there is one special person who won’t have to fork out $10.15 to read Luci Miller’s Anything But Simple this fall. And that person is….. *drum roll please*…… 

Anything But Simple a book review (and giveaway) of Lucinda Miller’s life as a Mennonite


Plainspoken is a project focused on giving “plain people” (Amish, Hutterite, Mennonite) their own voice. Many novels have been written about “plain people”—Amish love tales, to be specific. But few of them actually depict the reality of life for those who come from “plain” backgrounds. Luci’s book is a personal memoir of her life as a Mennonite. So, upon her request, following is my review of Anything But Simple.

9 Ways You Accidentally Make Your Husband Feel Little how you tear him down without saying a word

I suppose it is only fair, after writing about how we men make our wives feel ugly, that I address how women make their husbands feel little. Not because I want to hit women over the head with how they’re failing us husbands. Rather, just as women can feel ugly from small gestures on our part, we sometimes feel little by seemingly innocent actions from them.

In my last post, I talked about nine ways husbands accidentally make their wives feel ugly. Here I’ll share nine ways wives accidentally make their husbands feel little. As a lady wants to feel beautiful and wanted, a man wants to feel capable and needed. These are nine subtle ways wives undermine their husbands.

9 Ways You Accidentally Make Your Wife Feel Ugly how you tear her down without saying a word


Before getting married, I thought being a good husband was about “being ahead of the curve.” In an effort to do so, I devoured as many books on marriage and women as I could possibly find. And I learned a lot!

But there were a many things I never learned about in any of those books. One things was the many ways I accidentally make my wife feel ugly. Maybe one could change the word ugly for small or unwanted, but the point is after five years of marriage I am slowly waking up to the ways I unwittingly make my wife feel like mush.

What I Love about Pastors humans with extraordinary hearts

A pastor is someone who shepherds people in the way of Truth. This includes caring for people, preaching the Word, confronting sin, and much more. Specifically, for the purposes of this post, I am referring either to those who the people of a local church have asked to shepherd them, or those who have nurtured new believers and, by default, have become shepherds. In this article, I address what I love about them.

What I Love about the Church it’s more than a gathering of people

Today, we know the church primarily as either a building or a group of people gathered together around a common set of ideas. The problem with this view of the church is that it’s incomplete, at best. If not downright unbiblical. As long as we can relegate the church to a building or a group of people who believe certain things and abide by certain guidelines, the church will always be disposable to us. There is nothing intrinsically eternal about a church established around man-made material or beliefs.

What I Love about Jesus and two uncomfortable implications for us today


There are so many people who are disillusioned with church, today. It is easy to get overly focused on the negatives and weaknesses of church that we miss the profound beauty and glory it displays to the world. So, in an attempt to help us regain (or stay focused on) the beauty of the Bride of Christ, I am going to share a three-part series entitled, “What I love about…,” starting with Jesus.

A Theology of Death If Christ overcame death, why do people still get sick and die?


God has a story for us through death, I’m convinced. In my own wrestling and journeying I’ve begun studying, for myself, to find what God is saying. I’d like to share briefly what I am learning about God and death.

Racism in Church (how to tell if it exists) 7 symptoms of racial discrimination in Christianity today


Are you aware of the racism in your church?

“Now wait a minute,” you may say. “There’s no racism in our church.” And there very well may not be.

But then again, there might be and you don’t realize it.

No, You Don’t Have License to Drink Alcohol millennial to millennials about a millennial craze


We stumble over ourselves in finding ways to do some ridiculous things. Drinking alcohol is one of them. It’s the latest craze, in my generation. And so, as a millennial who is tired of silly things in the church, can I throw a wrench into your excited scramble to have a beer?