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RESULTS ARE IN: My 2017 Reader Survey Feedback 23 peeks into an average reader of this blog

A month ago I launched my 2017 reader survey, and now the results are in. I’ve compiled some general graphs to give you a look into the average reader of this blog.

Graphs can be deceiving, so I’ve done my best to accurately display an average of the different questions answered below.

The survey consisted of 37 questions; I’m showing results for 23 of them, here. 658 respondents took part in the survey. 71% of those completed each question, and it took them an average of 7 minutes to fill out the whole survey.

This is the second survey I’ve done for the blog, and you’ll see a few comparisons in the following graphs. If you’d like to see the results of the last survey I took (2015), you can do so here.

Now, without further ado, here are the results to my 2017 reader survey.

Reader info






99% of responders called themselves Christian. Three people said they were “follower/disciple of or a believer in Jesus Christ,” one person identified himself as a nonbeliever attending church, and two people responded with a letter, which I didn’t understand.







Reader interaction with my blog






Reader challenges






Reader growth


Reader social media platforms


A few personal observations

  • It’s fascinating to me how times have changed in two years. In 2015, people read my blog, for the most part, on their laptops. Today, they read it mostly on their phones.
  • My readers are active in their church and in their relationships.
  • But, for whatever reason, they don’t always feel close to their parents.
  • 43% of them say they have mentors. I suspect this tells us a couple of things: (1) there are many without mentors, but (2) they long for mentors because of how many already have them. One of the most common things I hear from people when I talk with them is a desire for older people to guide them through life.
  • Lastly, I need to do more video (and learn how to do it well…)

Thanks for taking part in the survey. What are your thoughts after seeing the results? Share in the comments below.

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  • KennethA

    Thanks for posting the results of the survey. It might be useful to include percentages on some of the graphs, especially the three graphs comparing the 2015 and 2017 surveys. Blessings on your ministry.