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Three Sons and Heading Back to School a little update on life

A lot of things going on in the Witmer household this month.

Kenaz and Adrion have taken 76 “flights” on our living room couch and played Austin & Cherie at least a dozen times. I’ve been working quite a bit with handyman projects, trying to wrap up Live Free, and behind the scenes blog stuff. But on Sunday, Caedmon Nishan entered this world with a bang!

Came at 3:51am, 7 pounds and 9 ounces in his 21 inch stature. Labor lasted about four hours, Teresa breezed right through it. She’s a trooper! Although, super exhausted nonetheless!

Caedmon Nishan means “Wise warrior filled with the Spirit of God.” We had two names we really liked, but couldn’t decide on which one to use. So we decided if he came out with light, reddish hair color (like our other boys did) we’d give him one name, but if he came out with dark hair, we’d give him the other name.

He came out dark. Very dark. So dark, we laughed. Because we thought it was far fetched, for our record.

He’s a handsome fellow, indeed!

His brother have waited a long time for him to come out. They’re proud big brothers, now! 🙂

That’s all for now, folks! I also went back to school this week. Crazy times!

Thankful for aunties who are willing to help out!

Look for my first ever blog interview to go live Sunday evening! I think you all will enjoy it. I discuss church, the Holy Spirit and pornography with Frank Reed. Stay tuned!

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